How to find the best metal casting?

casting sand or iron foundry is a process where a metal heated to liquid is poured into a pre-shaped mold and then left to cool off and solidify. The metal cast is normally used to make unconventional shapes that are not easy to from using other methods.

The quality of an iron cast is determined by the following properties that must be found on the metal being used

  • Shrinkage

  • Fluidity

  • Surface Quality

  • Resistance to cracks and Abrasions


When an iron cast cools off its shrinkage should not cause defects in its central regions. The spaces in a cast will remain isolated and form cavities that reduce the quality of an iron cast


The quality of a metal cast will depend on its ability to be filed after the cooling process. Fluidity is determined by the solidification interval of a metal.

Surface Quality

A good iron cast will adapt to the quality of the mold coating material. The chemical reaction between the mold and the metal determines the quality of the resulting surface after the cooling process is finalized.

Resistance to Cracks and Abrasions

A cast metal should not have cracks or be prone to abrasions. Visible cracks are signs of internal weakness and non-uniform cooling.

All the best finding the best metal castings!

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